Mix : Vera – HB005 Promo Mix – Recorded Live at Hoppetosse

Recorded on the infamous Hoppetosse in Berlin during a beautiful sunset at the Half Baked Records label showcase, Vera offers up an awesome mix to celebrate the release of HB005 from Robin Ordell including her fantastic remix.

Artist: Robin Ordell

Title: JC EP
Cat: HB005
Format: Vinyl Only
Label: Half Baked Records
Release Date: 28th July 2014

Half Baked Records is back with their fifth offering, presenting the solo Ep of French dj & producer Robin Ordell. On top of having released on Eklo, Robin is one of the historical residents of Half Baked, an artist present in the family from day one, growing together with the project while bringing his own touch to it, a delicate balance between light and darkness, drive and delicateness.

Robin infuses power to his tracks via a no compromise formula on drums; tight old school rhythms that are then cleverly fused with expert sound design and minimalist aesthetic, showing a lot of maturity in his productions skills. The A1, Five Majors, is a perfect example of this balance, a dramatic club twister that has all the ingredients to rock a dancefloor, while preserving a touch of elegance. The A2, Nobody Loves Bishopgate, has a an eerie underwater feeling, slowly numbing you with his bubbly bass and filtered melodies, but still keeping you afloat with his funky swing.

On the flipside we find the remix of Vera, a “djs’ dj” and renowned producer for her releases on Perlon and Oslo to name a few. Vera strips it down, emphasizing the drugged out atmospheres and delivering an hypnotic laidback re-interpretation that will no doubt be the highlight of many morning sets this summer. The B2, Kosma, is the “brightest” cut of the record where jazzy chords alternate with playful stabs, teasing you throughout the whole the track.


A1. Five Majors
A2. Nobody Loves Bishopgate
B1. Nobody Loves Bishopgate (Vera Remix)
B2. Kosma



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