IDA ISLAS _ EARTH CALLS [official video]

We are existing in a nonlinear, doctrine-less realm of eco sensuality. We are cyborg, synthesizing technology and nature, conveyed through the framework of a guided meditation away from anthropocentrism to ecocentrism. Going by her pseudonym, Ida Islas works completely in isolation making her own beats and environmental meditation music in the comfort of her Los Angeles home surrounded by house plants. She is also responsible for the visual components, filming herself and then creating a fantastical world in post production. Check out the video here for her latest song EARTH CALLS, a song where Ida embodies nature as she pleads with you to love on her. Follow her soundcloud to check out the rest of her music, everything from nature ambient sounds to music inspired by the early ’90’s.

Music and Video by Ida Islas

Listen and change your DNA –



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