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“This music could be said to be an object or sound scenery to be listened to casually. Not being music which excites or leads the listener into another world, it should drift like smoke and become part of the environment surrounding the listener’s activity.” – Satoshi Ashikawa

In this time of extreme stress, how are we allowing our minds, bodies and souls to rest. Constantly extracting from the environment, we must reconsider how we interact with Nature. As we see right now, Nature is angry with extreme heat, she’s crying floods whilst her surface dries out and resources are dwindling. There are people who are dedicating their lives towards the soul work, environmental care and community support that is necessary for our well-being, both ours as humans and the environment. There is no separation between us humans and Nature and what is being done to the environment is a direct hit to our own survival.

Brandy Eve’s music is both a dedication to Nature and a gift to humans. She has created these songs for the environment, for flowers, for the rain. She quotes the Chinese philosopher, Zhuangzi “The sound of water says what I think.” As life and death are apart of nature, her experience includes many lost lives and she pays tribute to her ancestors by creating.  Brandy describes her music as “sonic landscapes transmitted from the Ancestors, Spirit, the unknown. I seem to be channeling melodic verses through a subconscious state. Surrealism, musical telekinesis or psychic music. Simply put, these are songs that are coming through, embodied and charged back into this tangible 3D 5 sense reality.”

This is not merely hoopla, there have been plenty of scientific studies which have proven that exposure to sound and imagery of Nature, whether simulated or real, facilitate relief and recovery from stress.

She is sharing her demo versions of her first two albums on Once Was Now along with images of flowers she shot using 35mm film. She does not use any Photoshop, everything is done in-camera by rephotographing the same roll of film over and over again at various times throughout the year.

View Photos here.

Take a deep breath. Take two more. 

This is an omnibus of audio verses known as “ Environmental Music”. 

Each song created within the cosmos intended for an Earthly experience; 

humans, animals and plants are invited. 

“Music inspired with pioneers such as Hiroshi Yoshimura, Erik Satie, Joanna Brouk, Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Steven Halpern and more. 

Music in spirit with Austin Peralta. 

Shoutout to the rest of my Ancestors who protect and guide me. 

Praises to Mother Earth and all the Mothers.” – Brandy Eve


About Once Was Now

www.brandyeveallen.com www.oncewasnow.com

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