Dario Zenker Interview

Questions & Answers with Dario Zenker – 

• What is important for an artist to keep in mind for 2012?

Do what you love and do it the best way you can. And feel good about it.

• How do you view the difference between a DJ set and Live set and do you have preference?

As a DJ you have much more possibilities to play and react on and with the crowd. When you play Live you are just playing your own produced music. I prefer to DJ because it’s just more improvised and open. But if you have an open and enthusiastic crowd it can be amazing to play live too. It always depends on the crowd. If the crowd is good, any artist plays good either DJ’ing or Live. But if the crowd is bad, simply the best DJ or Liveact on earth plays bad.

• If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only save one record, which would it be? (doesn’t have to be your favorite, just that one you couldn’t live without)

That would be Com Truise – Galactic Melt. Spaced out and hitting me again and again every time I listen to it. One of the best Albums EVA produced.

• We know you love to cook, what is a favorite dish of yours to make? What’s a classic Dario Zenker plate?

Actually I am almost not eating any meat, as the most conventional meat you can buy is pretty bad for your soul. So I cook a lot of Vegetable and Tofu dishes, salads, soups or fish once in a while. I think one of my most classic dishes is roasted potatoes a laZenker with any spicy salad like carrot, apple and red patches with a honey lemon herbal dressing.

• You have accomplished a lot in your career thus far, is there an objective you’ve set for yourself that have not yet accomplished?

Well I just wanna always stay true to myself. As every Artist says in every Interview: I am not a follower of any trend of hype, I am too creative for that. I really like to do what comes out of me. So one of my dreams is of course to get as many people as possible into quality music, and looking back when I am old and to recognize that I left something.

• From the time you first got into techno music while living in Munch growing up, how do you view the scene changing from that point to now?

It got way bigger and way more mixed up. We are getting older and the kids are getting younger. And you have good Parties and really bad ones. It became a steady business, and like with everything there are ups and downs. I like the Munich scene, but there are cities with much better and more exciting ones. In the scene here people are not really taking risks booking wise, so at the most Parties or festivals you hear the same music over and over. The adventure is truly missing, so for me as a dancer it’s not really attractive to go out. Munich is kind of missing the true underground thing. Of course it is important to follow all the trends as a club, but only a few are able to manage the perfect balance between mainstream and quality. There is so much amazing music out there, and there are so many great artists that never played in Munich yet, but instead you have the same autopilot shit again and again. But only because a scene is not 100% perfect, that does not mean it’s not worth living in that city. Life is not only about party.

• Can you name a few DJs/producer who have influenced you over the years and why, and also tell me other some forms of artistic expression that influence you outside of your genre and a little bit about that?

Well there are to many to mention. I heard many DJ’s that influenced me and so did many producers. Besides that literature is influencing me the same way like any good conversation or art in general or a great movie. And ofcourse good food and my naked lady.

• What is the difference between the techno scene in America vs the one in Europe?

It’s hard to compare the south american scene to the north american scene.  And Europe was always ahead Dance Music wise even when many musical things started in the USA. But in Europe there was an earlier market for that, more clubs and labels, more money for that. Nowadays the scene in the USA is constantly evolving, and in south america they have a huge dance music scene since quite a while. But Europe is still the leader when it comes to that, with cities like London, Paris or Berlin.

• What is one question that would you ask to yourself if you were giving this interview? And then answer that question.

Hey why you not live in Berlin? Munich pretty much sucks from an artist and raver point of view we hear all over the world. 

Because no city in the world has the feeling Munich has. Like M. Ernest Hemingway 


“You not even need to go somewhere else, I tell you, nothing comes about Munich. Everything else in Germany is a waste of time.”

A bit extreme but a good read anyway.

Dario Zenker


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