10.06.12_Los Angeles Bottom Floor & Bump Sensibility present BOTTOM BUMP

Bottom Floor & Bump Sensibility

BOTTOM BUMP («< See what we did there??)

Mike Huckaby [Deep Transportation / S Y N T H / Tresor] DETROIT
Tony Watson [Adult Contemporary / American Standard]
Morgan Alexander [Bottom Floor / Jack van Sloot]
Jaime G. [Bump Sensibility / LoveFix]

– BF Website: http://thebottomfloor.com/

At 10pm we received notice of location  for tonights party and decided to kill time by going out for sushi in Little Tokyo, took a trip over to Amoeba to see if we could find any gems in the vinyl section, and back to the crib.  Luca passed out for a little while I futzed around on the computer.  1:30am rolled around, I twisted one up, Luca put on his shoes and we were out the door.  Place was 8 minutes away, cut down to about 3 minutes with the way I drive, pulled in and parked towards the back where the clubs doors resided and major bass was heard kicking through walls.  As we entered, Mike Huckaby started his session… Beginning nice and gentle with soul house beats that followed with progressively harder techno sound.  Detroit was in the building and we had found a place to vent, a much needed night of a dark room, big speakers, a lazer, a DJ, a beer = A GOOD TIME.

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