Francesco Del Garda Interview


Questions & Answers with Francesco Del Garda (translated from Italian to English) –

When I think of Francesco Del Garda, I sense a feeling of liveliness, something important, your name has a certain air about it that refers to the idea of magnitude. How did you choose this long journey you are taking and how did you start to put yourself on the scene?

Hello Luca & Brandy, thanks for the kind words :)
I chose this journey because my fate decided this and I take this opportunity to give thanks: THANKS!

I consider myself very lucky to turn my passion into a job, this was the best thing that could happen to me- It’s been more than 10 years that I have been following this and although lately it’s hard, I continue to move forward thanks to the passion and love that I have for it, with this and with my family and friends on this path I’m growing …

We feel your love, passion and dedication to good music and we see the crowd responds with reflected enthusiasm, this seems as if it trumps any monetary value this career could have for you.  Would you say you agree?

For me, music is not a hobby, I put my all in this and I think those who follow me perceive how goes beyond the money and if most of the djs had precisely this purpose in Italy, there would be more quality in clubs. Unfortunately we are forced to confront and fight at the arrogant and conceited promoters, dJ, incompetent PR.

It is often said that it is less important the means to which you make the music but rather the philosophical approach one has when going into it, what do you think?

Over the years there have been many changes, I remember when I started DJing there was not even the internet for domestic use, I did not yet even feel the need for it.  For me it was enough to go to a record store, and I always had THAT adrenaline, as if for the first time looking and hoping to find the disc important that would make ​​the difference.  Well, I can tell you that those records will still sound better in person and you can still ask me where I found each one of them :)

By now most of the new young DJs have a completely different approach to music, wake up in the morning, connect to the internet, look at the charts and play all the same mp3… In my humble opinion this is not djing, it’s just a whim…

I’d be a hypocrite to say that it does matter the medium you use to make music because I used the computer for a short period.  But I can assure you, my return to playing with vinyls, to browse, listen, collecting them is a great pleasure and I’m sure whoever is playing with the various softwares and isn’t aware of this, isn’t even aware they are missing something… they prefer to buy the same pair of glasses instead of seeing through vinyl.  There is also another category of emerging DJs who do buy vinyl and I have much respect for them because they have figured out what the right spirit is to go on and I think it will be those who will continue to undertake this long journey and bring it towards the road it needs to be on…

We know that growing up up one of your great teachers and idols is Francesco Farfa, is there someone right now who has played an imporant role towards inspiring you?

Francesco Farfa was my first inspiration, and I thank him very much for giving me the good fortune to have a teacher like him, I learned a lot from him and I’m very grateful …
At this time there are several DJs who influence me but at the end of the day, they have found nothing new and it just seems like a return to basics in a modern time, more or less Farfa 10 years ago reincarnated.

What is your philosophy on the difference between techno/house and the more underground sounds?

I have no real philosophy … it is right to be free and play what we feel, this is part of our personality, who knows what is the right thing or the wrong thing to do, every dj is inspired by another …

You have been doing this now for more than 15 years, what changes have you experienced in the Italian music scene compared to when you started out?

“You have been doing this for more than 15 years”, looks like you’re writing to an old man…

I’m 33 almost 34 and I have experienced many changes and seen many djs stop and start their careers.  I had the good fortune to play in the most important clubs in Italy when I was very young- in summarizing this time I can say that my part has not changed a lot, I have had many experiences that I think is right for any DJ to experience along this path… I find myself inbetween the older and newer generation, so for me it is always a chance to start over and reinvest from scratch, but with more experience.  I am working with new realities but have a more defined way of thinking and I am very happy about this.  It’s imporant that we have our own story that when lived right, created a tribe where we can all meet at one goal, we have fun and respect anyone who giving us this possibility.

If you could have one wish come true tomorrow, what would it be?

Have the chance to play with djs that I respect :)

If you were not a DJ, what would you have done in your life?

Vocalist :)

Describe Francesco Del Garda in 5 words.


Which city that you have visited so far has left the strongest impression on you in terms of music and why?

I have travelled a ton but the parties in Ibiza and Mamaia have influenced me a lot and given me a chance to reflect… Now I know what I want!

If you could ask yourself one question for this interview, what would it be and then tell us your answer.

Future projects? Many :) Grazie


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