JAN 5 2013_Milan (IT) Subversive 01 presenta Vae Victis Showcase: Parassela & Die Roh @ Tunnel


Date / Saturday, 5 January 2013
Time / 11:00pm – 4:30
Venue / Tunnel/ Via Giovanni Battista Sammartini 30, 20125 Milano (MI), Italy
Cost / 12/15
Line-up /

parassela (Blawan & The Analogue Cops)
Die Roh


Sabato 5 Gennaio 2013

Dalle 23 alle 05.00

Line up

***PARASSELA a.k.a. Blawan & Analogue Cops ***
(Vae Victis, Parassela, Restoration, She Works The Long Night) – UK/IT


“Vinyls, sequencers and oscillators 3 hrs set show”
Worldwide premiere

Warm up by:

***DIE ROH***
(Vae Victis, Chiwax, Muscle) – IT

TUNNEL Club, via Giovanni Battista Sammartini 30, Milano.


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