FEB 2 2013_London (UK) Tresor Berlin presents Juan Atkins, DJ Deep, Dasha Rush & Psyk @ Netil 000


Date / Saturday, 2 February 2013
Time / 10:00pm – 6:00am
Venue / Netil 000/ 1 Westgate Street; London Fields; London E8 3RL; United Kingdom
Cost / £10 – £25
Line-up /

Juan Atkins
DJ Deep
Dasha Rush (live)

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Tresor Berlin /
@ Netil 000 /
London /
2013 /

For over two decades, Tresor Berlin has stood as a bastion of techno and house for the world. In 2013, the club begins its showcase residency in London with a slew of warehouse parties. The first will take place in a secret east London warehouse location with a line-up that typifies the sound the club has and continues to represent. Juan Atkins, who found a second home in Berlin at Tresor, has long been cited as one of the godfathers of techno. His releases date back to 1992 on the label and have since come to epitomise the long standing connection between Detroit and Berlin. With releases being constant throughout the labels 23 year existence, Juan Atkins continues to call Tresor home.

Accompanying the old guard is the new. DJ Deep’s 2012 critically acclaimed mixed compilation Kern Vol.1 was the first in what is set to be a series which documents each selected artist’s past, present and future. Dasha Rush has been a long time friend and collaborator of the club with her regular event “All You Need Is Ears”. Finally, Psyk is a young and promising artist who has been bleeping on Tresor’s radar for quite some time now. His track “Jackin” as Maan featured on DJ Deep’s Kern Vol.1


Juan Atkins is a Detroit Techno legend and founder of the genre, alongside Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson, who are also known as the Belleville Three. Atkins is also known under several aliases such as Cybotron, Model 500, Channel One, Infiniti and he founded the legendary label Metroplex in 1985. Juan also has a long running history with Tresor, from being one of Tresor’s first bookings and a regular staple at the club when he’s in Germany. He also has an extensive back catalogue of releases on Tresor, including tracks, mixes and compilations. With the history and credentials that both Juan Atkins and Tresor hold and this being Tresor’s very first London showcase, this is a perfect opportunity to be a part history in the making…


DJ Deep also known as Cyril Etienne des Rosaies is one of the most revered members of the French scene and has recently had the privilege of releasing the first mix for Tresor’s Kern series. Tresor’s Kern series allows the free reign to provide an insight into the tastes and personal histories of their chosen artists. Having been a DJ for over 12 years, DJ Deep is well versed in the old and new and is masterful in the art of blending the lines between House and Techno whilst taking the listener on a journey. This makes him an obvious choice for such an ambitious mix series and for a London showcase of the historic brand that is Tresor.


Dasha Rush is a Russian born expat currently residing in France. She has however spent time all over the world, including Paris, London and Japan. A true experimentalist, she has continually seeked to push boundaries by combining her activities as a techno producer and DJ with multi-artistic collaborations alongside artists and dancers. She has performed live as part of gallery exhibitions, using sound installations and theatre performances, exploring the emotional and technological aspects of electronic music. Dasha also runs her own label, Fullpanda Records and the experimental sub-label Hunger To Create. Dasha regularly plays at Tresor, whether it be a DJ set or her live collaboration project, LADA, alongside Lars Hemmerling. She is perfectly positioned to represent the sound of Tresor at
the showcase in London.


Psyk, also known as Manuel Anós, hails from Madrid in Spain. He signed his first release at the tender age of 19 for no other than Richie Hawtin’s label, MINUS. He has since released on labels such as Drumcode ltd, Mote-Evolver, his own imprint NON series and with worldwide sets in clubs like Tresor, Berghain, Fabric and many more, he has firmly planted his reputation as truly talented Techno artist. Thanks to a variety of influences, his sets perfectly combine fusions of raw techno alongside influences of house and minimal, with careful planning he creates a hypnotic flow in his sets which makes him one of the most talented DJ’s around.


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