Release: Evano – Exploration Marx LP

Evano is relatively fresh in the world of electronic music and has managed to crush the soulless modernization of this genre by incorporating a more experimental digitized sound.  His music walks the line between bangin and subtle with a minimal and organic resonance.

Hailing from the lands of Slovenia, Evano began his musical journey back in 2004 when he started DJing. Realizing his musical desires expand beyond the field of Djing, a year later, along side his friend, Peter Jenko, Evano established a Slovenian electronic music society called, Phonotouch where they organize DJ workshops for youth, sharing their knowledge of the craft.  Evano, himself, also enrolled in a music Institute, seeking further knowledge and understanding of music production which has now become his leading point of focus.

Evano released his first EP called, CAVIAR on Canadian label, Stereo Tension Records which led to him to work with other labels such as Colours in Music and with this latest release off Archipel Musique Canada, EXPLORATION MARX.  His music has caught the attention of artists such as Dr. Nojoke, Pheek and Cleymoore who have invited the artist to collaborate on a collective called, PLUIE/NOIR and in the beginning of 2011 he was invited to be a part of the crew by its founding members, Aneuria and Ian F.

Focused on creating unconventional electronic music that stands out from the traditional approach to production, based strictly on freedom and experimentation, which we clearly hear on this latest release, Evano remains fresh and we look forward to future innovations.

Purchase on itunes : Exploration Marx – Evano


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