FEB 23 2013_Los Angeles (US) Bottom Bump 02 Feat. DJ Sprinkles & John Tejada @ TBA


Date / Saturday, 23 February 2013
Time / 10p – 6a
Venue / TBA – Los Angeles / Los Angeles
Cost / $15 – $20
Promoter /

Bottom Floor, Bump Sensibility

Promotional links /

RSVP/ FB Event Page

Beyond being a heckuva (er, Huckuva?) night, something very important happened at the first Bottom Bump… Jaime and I became forever bonded through our realization that we’re the only 2 humans on earth that drink Red Bull for the taste.

So, we’re gonna do another party together!!

We’ve gone ahead and bet the farm (as my oldtimey friend likes to say) to push the boat out a bit (as my Irish friend likes to say) by flying TERRE THAEMLITZ in from Japan (as I like to say).

Picked yourself up off the floor yet??

Well, John Tejada’s also gonna join us to play kickass records in a kickass fashion, and the new spot we’ve lined up is nothing short of super great.

Cool. Actually, wayyyy more than cool.

You should come!


Bottom Floor & Bump Sensibility


DJ Sprinkles [Comatonse / Mule Musiq] JAPAN
John Tejada [Palette Recordings / Kompakt Records]
Morgan Alexander [Bottom Floor / Jack van Sloot]
Jaime G. [Bump Sensibility / LoveFix]

– This is a private event. You must RSVP in order to receive location information and be granted admission. http://www.bottombump.com

– Secure DTLA Venue [y o u v e n o t b e e n h e r e b e f o r e]
– 10PM – 6AM
– 21+
– $15 presale / $20 at the door


Facebook Event Page
YouTube Study Guide

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