Dave Muller – “A Beginning” @ MOCA


In support of the vinyl movement we wanted to share this exhibit that features Dave Muller’s 1994 drawing of record spines titled, A Beginning, on view now at MOCAmuller_strip

“Making works on paper in acrylic and watercolor, Dave Muller documents not only art-world events but also everyday objects that are both extraordinary and mundane. Quick Picks (twenty-six)comprises six large-scale works showing the spines of a group of long-playing records as they might appear arranged on a shelf. Enlarged to nearly six times their actual size, the 26 albums pictured in the work, one for each letter of the alphabet, are just a handful of the thousands in Muller’s collection. In an era when songs are individually digitized, downloaded, and continually reshuffled, this painting suggests a narrative not only about Muller and his musical interests, but also about the albums themselves and their integrity as intentionally grouped sets of songs.”


About Once Was Now

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One comment

  1. Stephanie

    I really appreciate the inclusuion of artwork – music related – on ONCE WAS NOW. Thanks!!!

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