Giovanni Verrina – ARMA17 Moscow – Sept 22 2012

Giovanni Verrina (All Inn Records), while living in his hometown of Genova at age sixteen, began a love affair with the acquisition of two turntables and a passion for electronic sounds.  From that point Verrina integrated himself deeply into the local music scene, eventually landing himself a residency at the club ZeroDieci where he played along international artists such as Lee Van Dowski, Stephanik, Thomas Brinkman and many others.

When ZeroDieci officially closed, pulling down it’s curtain, Verrina was just getting started.  In 2008 he and his best friend brought forward a new inspiration, founding the event organization, Passion, with guests like Cassy, Seth Troxler, Boris Werner, Nina Kravitz and more.  Passion has become one of the most important electronic parties in it’s region.  Passion isn’t just the name of the club, it’s the driving force behind what motivates Verrina.  In 2009, he took it one step further, building his own studio equipped with a contrast of old school instruments like a Roland 808 or a TB 303 along with new technologies.  It seems as if this affair has grown into a machine loving techno world where Verrina can spend hours a day producing new tracks for his DJ sets, perfecting the sound he loves so dearly.

Reminiscent of the old Chicago house days, Verrina infuses soul with rich organic dubby sounds that he weaves in between harder hitting beats.  He approaches each performance with an engrained research of the world’s most underground sounds that have made a significant imprint on his style, everywhere from Detroit to South America to Berlin.

Listen and Enjoy Giovanni Verrina from ARMA 17 last September 2012



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