CGR Podcast 011 – d:ALOG

“d:Alog’s creativity and passion for electronic dance music led him to approach djing and Nightlife at a very early stage of his life. Born and raised in Milan, where he spent nearly 10 years carving his dj skills and increasing his records collection, d:Alog decided then to relocate in London, a city with a vibrant electronic music scene. D:Alog is now resident artist and co-founder of Undersound London, a community of like minded people who share the same love for quality electronic music and aim to showcase their personal vision of clubbing, through intimate parties taking place in several East London venues. Undersound is also about to become a free net label. For the next installment in our podcast series he delivers a a subttle and vibrant mix at the border between deep house and smooth techno.”

(via soundcloud)

d:Alog promo links : Soundcloud / Facebook


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