MAR 30 2013_Perugia (IT) Thomas Melchior @ Serendipity Playground Club


Date / Saturday, 30 March –   Sunday, 31 March 2013
Time / 00:00 – 00:00
Venue / Serendipity Playground Club/ Via Industrie 123, 06034 Foligno (PG), Italy
Cost / €15 full price, €10 presale
Line-up / Thomas MelchiorMarco RagniDJ Soch, Fabi8bit, Kocis, JWL, Brasa, Luca Bianchi
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Melchior first made a name for himself in the beginning of the 90’s releasing on Aphex Twins’ Rephlex label as part of electronica duo Vulva,later as Yoni on Move D’s Source Records. Protegee of techno legend Baby Ford,Melchior and Ford released as Sunpeople, Soul Capsule, part of the Ifach Collective and M-Core on Trelik and Ifach. Setting up his own labels Softcore and Aspect Music,Melchior Productions became one of the pillars of the minimal movement on Perlon, Playhouse, a:rpia:r, Cadenza, LoMidHi Organic, Smallville etc. Melchior also collaborated with Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Bruno Pronsato, Fumiya Tanaka Living between London, Berlin and Brazil, playing around the globe, ex resident dj for Ibiza’s Circoloco at DC 10, member of Villalobos’ Narod Niki, Melchior remains one of the undergrounds true magicians.
Melchior è comparso sulla scena agli inizi degli anni 90, facendo uscire le sue prime tracce prima per l’etichetta Rephlex di Aphex Twin con il duo Vulva, poi come Yoni su Source Records di Move D. Delfino della leggenda techno Baby Ford, con cui uscì come Sunpeople, Soul Capsule, parte di Ifach Collective e M-Core su Trelik e Ifach. Fondò le etichette Softcore, Aspect Music e Melchior Productions, poi diventò una delle colonne del movimento minimal su Perlon, Playhouse, a:rpia:r, Cadenza, LoMidHi Organic, Smallville ecc. Melchior ha anche collaborato con Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Bruno Pronsato e Fumiya Tanaka.
Vivendo tra Berlino, Londra e Brasile, ed avendo suonato in tutto il mondo, oltre ad essere stato resident al Circoloco di Ibiza e membro di Narod Niki di Villalobos, Melchior rimane uno dei veri fenomeni underground.

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