Sonja Moonear fabric Promo Mix

The epic memories that have been seared into our minds by Ricardo Villalobos let loose in our Farringdon dance maze are so special, we just had to make the events in his tenth year with us a celebration of the incredible history we share with the Chilean born artist. For those of you who were lucky enough to be there at the beginning of this momentous decade and bore witness to his early Farringdon run ins with Playhouse man Heiko MSO and Perlon instigator Zip you need only refer to this history for reference of our curatorial policy for 10 Years of Ricardo Villalobos at fabric. 

It’s about influence and inspiration. Heiko and Zip are both long standing compatriots of Villalobos, who over their celebrated careers have supported the emphatic selector on his musical path. It’s through the invitation of Sonja Moonear to share the Room One booth with him on the 27th April that we are setting him up with another creative peer, but this time perhaps the influence runs in the other direction. Sonja first met and played back to back in with Villalobos back in 2002 at Berlin institution Panorama Bar at one of the many lauded Get Perlonized events, where they shared a 24 journey Moonear would never forget; today she still cites Villalobos’s own sets both independently and beside Zip and Margaret Dygas as ‘concrete experiences’ of her musicality, laying foundations of her own artistic direction.

Read on to find out more about the illustrious life of Sonja Moonear and how she manages her time between being a highly successful DJ, sound designer and mother. She’s also cut out an edit of her set recorded last summer at Warehouse 702 in Tokyo to give a taste of some of the ideas of the magical moods and rhythms she’ll be broadcasting over the Martin Audio rig in the Room One booth very, very soon.

DOWNLOAD: Sonja Moonear fabric Promo Mix 


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