Release: Cosmin TRG – Gordian LP

Cosmin broke into the techno scene back in 2007, having since released several pieces off labels such as Hessle Audio, Rush Hour and 2 years ago debuting his full length off Modeselektor’s 50 Weapons and now the second full length, Gordian.  The Romanian producer started off with a bolder, industrial schizo sound that has transcended into a more atmospheric, calm lo-fi energy.  Don’t get me wrong, there are still just as hard hitting beats that have resonated with us in the past, they just seem to be transporting us through a different dimension.  The trickling of synth sounds like snow through a dark city street on a night of December. He manages to take the unattractive sounds of filtered sirens surrounded by air traffic and make them beautiful.  Cosmin has the ability to take something machine and transform it into liquid.  “Non-standard melodies, otherworldly blips and a ruined intergalactic energy seem to course throughout, truly transporting you to another world entirely.”



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