SIT Podcast @ Melisma Radio Show (Chile) 04.06.2013

Lifelong mates Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia are the minds behind the electronic experimental project, SIT- which has been smoothly rising through the local and international scene since its debut in 2009. One year later they released their first ep, ‘Year 3000’, at Jesus Loved You. The summer of 2010 brought the project’s first appearance at Sunwaves 8 Festival, and since then, all the team work and ideas having been driving them to a higher plane. Clustered by the desire of creating boundless music, phrased by inconceivable modes and futuristic techniques, Caia and Cons ultimately objectified their goal by bringing into existence Amphia, in early 2011. The label’s activity currently features ‘Traversa’ (2011), ‘Projections’ (2012) and its 3rd one, ‘Morfoza’, freshly out in the open. Another smooth remix is announced, on the soon to be released [a:rpia:r] 011 – Melchior Productions Ltd, so stay close for further details. 

To sum it up, hard work, sharp productions, musical culture blended up with love and two creative minds, to make it all count, gives the worldwide electronic field one more subsistent project to open up to and let the emotions flow. SIT back and enjoy!…ty+Theory?anv=SIT

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