Release: Mount Kimbie – Cold Spring Fault Less Youth

Getting a little off topic here for a second, I wanted to take a moment to talk about Mount Kimbie’s latest release COLD SPRING FAULT LESS YOUTH.  Everyone knows that I’ve been a fan since collaborations with James Blake and their first LP CROOKS AND LOVERS came out in 2010, first discovering them through their videos by Tyron Lebon… Sexy, youthful, raw lovers style, I kinda fell in love.  I was curious to hear how this latest album sounded totally fucking out of the loop on this, I went on itunes, did a little skim through, decided to purchase the full LP on vinyl, but without enough patience downloaded immediately tracks titled HOME RECORDING and BREAK WELL.  Let’s talk about these two songs and then we’ll get to the general consensus.  The song that brought it home for me was HOME RECORDING which began with a classic jazz horn introducing harmonies on the organ piano with a sweet skipping beat that drops into a wave of percussions shortly followed by a vocal melody that makes me swoon.  Such sweetness, even if I can’t understand a single word he’s saying.. a single word accept for “don’t you feel….” which pretty much sums up the vibe of this emotive track.  It must be something about my mood in particular these days cause the way the song BREAKWELL starts out is like a meditative lullaby embracing me and telling me it’s going to be alright… even better than alright as the synth sounds begin to amplify and transcend through a filter into clarity that twinkles hope in the stars and I am alright… just for hearing this amazing intro that takes up more than half the song, fuck yeah, way to go intro!  Once they’ve brought us into the light, the track drops into a long road ahead giving us the kind of energy where we feel like taking on any adventure. Usually I don’t really dig alternative style “rockish” kinda sounds, but the way that Mount Kimbie integrated these sort of styles was unpredictable and took me out of my comfort zone just far enough to where I wouldn’t be totally alienated but instead joyous for having something different.  That’s what this album is- it’s different- with this album Mount Kimbie destroys every border/label/box/category and gives us one thing that I can identify, which is a sweet from the heart authentic piece of work.  It’s nostalgic, sincere and musically diverse, innocent and full of wisdom.  Me gusta xo


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