JUNE 29 2013_Rome (IT) Rebel Rebel – Outhouse w Tama Sumo @ Andrea Doria


Date / Saturday, 29 June 2013
Time / 23:59 – 04:30
Venue / Andrea Doria/ Via del Baiardo 26, 00191 Roma (RM), Italy
Cost / €5,00 until h 1:30 // € 10,00
Line-up /

Tama Sumo
Ben Saadi

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REBEL website/  Facebook/  Blog

Outhouse Season 2013

Back on the crime scene, one of the first House and Techno pioneers in Berlin. After several nights I started wondering why Kerstin choosed this role moniker. According to Discogs Wisdom it originates from 1994 after a night of too much champagne. After that night it established very quickly as her DJ name because she founds out that sounded nice. Let’s take it as good, as star will shine upon us and birds will sing Birds in the sycamore trees (dream a little dream of me).


Contact us
via mail : contact@rebel-rebel.com
Or mobile : +39 327 188 46 02

Via Del Baiardo 26


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