Mix : Next Wave #009 – Re-UP

Check out this latest Next Wave mix with Re-Up- made up of Omar and Leo, who we’ll also be featuring a mix of, made especially for us, here at OWN.  Stay tuned for that.

It’s rather rare when two individuals who’ve known and worked together for 15 years can preserve a strong synergy and friendship.  Sharing a strong affinity for their art and a common objective, which is more important than any hype or individual pursuit, has made Leo and Omar a very special duo!

Their music is the match point of two styles.  Each molded by house music of the late 90’s and following movements of progressive, tribal and techno.. Like well crafted recipes, their diverse influences enhance the elements of their work, generating an irresistible tension and sexy vibe in every track.

In 2006 the duo relocated to Barcelona where they found themselves in the company of other great artists like Marco Resmann, Marc Antona and Sonodab, who they continue  to work with. The spanish journey inspired their first productions as OEL&Polygon but the revolution happened at the end of 2008, when the duo returned under the new alias Re-UP.

Following their reformation, the boys know as Re-UP  became the figure heads of Kina Music. A leading Italian label getting massive support from DJs and their audience, but holding on to an underground profile. The duo have been shaping the label with poignancy and personality, cultivating pioneering music with warm rolling grooves and a mindful approach to the dancefloor.  Selections like “Focus On Bucharest” has been one of the most recognizable EPs of the imprint to date.

Since 2009 Their residency at TAG After-party, became a revered “appointment” with Re-UP in north Italy!  At the same time this helped them to express their natural instinct for alternative and wicked atmospheres developing a special taste in musical research.  Whether they decide to DJ or perform live, there’s no boundaries.  It’s all about a good balance of smart, organic and hypnotic rhythms played in a fluid way.

A rich discography full of floor filler releases on labels such as UponYou, Dissonant and Safari – plus a successful series of remixes for artists like Tini, Tiefschwarz, Miguel Lobo & Larry Peters among others. Works by Re-UP are played and supported by the biggest names in international clubbing.  

Check out this latest release from their label Kina Music HERE

Re-UP onFacebook / Soundcloud



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