AUGUST 11 2013_Berlin (DE) Solid AM Pres. Return w Mara Trax / Fumiya Tanaka VS Thomas Melchior +++ @ KaterHolzig


Date / Sunday, 11 August –   Monday, 12 August 2013
Time / 12:00 – 18:00
Venue / KaterHolzig/ Michaelkirchstr. 22; 10179 Berlin; Germany
Cost / tba
Line-up /


Hütte w/ RETURN-Solid AM B2B 12:00-03:00 h
Mara Trax (Vera VS Maayan Nidam)
Fumiya Tanaka VS Thomas Melchior
Sammy Dee VS Marc Schneider
Dorian Paic VS Federico Molinari

Heinz w/
Mountain People

Hütte w/
Kidd Cassino-Parker
Elliver Twist
Magit Cacoon
Holger Hecler

Promoter /

Katerholzig, Solid AM

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