Mix : Kozo @ Vibecast Sessions #180 – Vibe FM Romania

Young and uprising, totally passioned about the tech side of electronic music, Kozo isn’t afraid to touch both house and techno genre to complete his musical journey.

His groovy and uplifting sets are rumoured to be inspired by the likes of Jules Verne, Terry Gilliam and Dalai Lama. Cartoon Network is still a sensitive subject. He strongly belives that one day Chuck Norris will find him.
These days Kozo is focusing all his strenght in production and the growth of his new Understand label, founded with friends Cezar and Praslea. His first track (under the Kozonak alias) can be found on Arpiar’s 05 release, his first EP will be ready soon enough.
This week’s Vibecast Sessions episode is a beautifully crafted 1 hour mix, exploring various sides of electronic music, be it deep house, dub techno or a more techier sound ;)
Expect some unreleased gems hidden inside the mix and some nice tracks from Cristi Cons, Priku, Vincent Iulian, Emi, Dubtil, TC Studio

Kozo on facebook: www.facebook.com/KozoDJ

For more Vibecast Sessions mixes (you’ll find a nice archive there) and how can you be featured on our radio show follow this link: www.vibefm.ro/vibecast

Vibecast Sessions is a podcast and radio show with a simple goal: to bring young and talented DJs and producers into the spotlight and promote the so-much-appreciated sound of romanian underground electronic music

You can listen to Vibecast Sessions every Saturday night starting from 23:00 CET on Vibe FM and every Tuesday night from 02:00 CET on Ibiza Global Radio

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