SEPTEMBER 13 2013_Brooklyn NY (US ) Akufen presents Horror Inc. (Live) @ TBA Brooklyn



Date / Friday, 13 September 2013
Time / 22:00 – 04:00
Venue / TBA Brooklyn/ 395 Wythe Ave; Brooklyn, NY 11249; USA
Cost / TBA
Line-up /

Horror Inc. (live) [Perlon | Haunt | Musique Risque]

Promoter /

TBA Brooklyn

Promotional links /

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Who is Akufen?
Marc Leclair, better known by his stage name Akufen, is a Canadian electronic musician. His music is electronic music that is often described as minimal house, minimal techno, glitch, or microhouse.

His 2002 release entitled My Way introduced his concept of “microsampling”, which was essentially a way of using extremely small and short clips of samples he had randomly recorded off of FM radio broadcasts as a key musical element.[1][2]

Leclair’s pseudonym comes from the French word for tinnitus (ringing of the ears), acouphène, and he has also gone under the pseudonyms Horror Inc., David Scott, Nefuka, and Anna Kaufen.[3]

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