Release : Rhadoo – fabric 72 (OUT NOW)


Romanian born Rhadoo steps up to the next instalment of the fabric compilation series, bringing along his friends in an aural excursion looking behind the scenes of this colourful artist’s life. A fine young protege, Rhadoo is enthusiastic and zealous, hailing from a remote part of the world and was brought up in the midst of communism.
“I recorded the mix at home in Bucharest. Most of the tracks are unreleased from friends. I’m always looking for fresh crazy tracks to keep me interested. I’ve wanted to do a mix like this for ages and thought about it doing in on my label, but the mix for fabric was the perfect opportunity. I wanted to present these artists to more people as they are not very well known but really talented.”
All but one of the tracks are unreleased and unheard before this project, making it a fresh new journey into the mind of this raw talent and an insight into a new and burgeoning scene in Eastern Europe, where he still resides.

Among the new talent there lies atmospheric and smooth cuts including a remix from fabric’s own Craig Richards on 2020 Vision. But for the most part its uncharted territory, an intoxicating delivery from a figure who continues to rise through his a:rpia:r label and devious musical personality.


Sit – Jazzocorason [unreleased]

Adrian Niculae – conTRASt [fabric]

Yourayo – Blueprint [fabric]

Visullucid – Eramarble [unreleased]

Xandru – Chapo [unreleased]

Vlad Radu – A2 [unreleased]

Wulf n’ Bear – Raptures Of The Deep (Craig Richards Remix) [2020 Vision]

VincentIulian – Rman 2 [unreleased]

Tulbure – Stalker [TC Studio]

rhadoo – Circul Globus [a:rpia:r]

Faster – Protocol [unreleased]

Traian Chereches – Fast Lane 4 [fabric]

Dragosh – Have A [unreleased]

Barac Nicolae – Frou Frou [unreleased]

Laurine Frost – Let’s Feed The Wolf (Petre Inspirescu Remix) [Nervmusic]

Vlad Caia – Ticktockclockityclock [fabric]

Diogo – Fearnot [unreleased]

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