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We want to start off by thanking tINI for giving us the opportunity to do this interview.  Not only do we have great respect for what she is doing in her career, but also for being the beautiful person that she is.  tINI infuses her benevolent way of living into everything she does.  Her appreciation for music, family, friendship and creating a time for everyone to enjoy, has been the energetic force behind tINI’s success.  We are reminded that in order to achieve ones passions in life, it’s important to stay less focused on the stresses of getting there and more on what feels true to oneself, and just going for it!


Questions & Answers with tINI:

What are some characteristics about Germany that have been a big part of influencing who you are?

German people used to be very serious about their work, about being on time, about being constant. I have a very good discipline. The Germans are used to working all day- I used to work at a TV station so I’m used to having a day job before I became a full time DJ, I used to work every day and I still do.

What was it like for your growing up in Germany and when did you first discover the club scene?

Munich is the best place when you are a kid. So much nature, so clean and almost no fucked up people. Of course when you grow older, you get sick of it and you want to leave to a place where things are happening a bit faster and wilder. 

I discovered the club scene in the late 90’s with my best friend Tessa, who showed me the best parties in town. Soon I became a part of it and began Djing in clubs like “The Garden”, “Prinzip Club” and “Harry Klein” – important steps. 

133269_172298219468216_2093386_oWhat else inspires you besides music these days?

I like art in general. I loved the exhibition of Basquiat I saw in New York early this year. Unfortunately I have so little time but I would love to see more exhibitions. 

I take a lot of energy and inspiration from nature –  watching the sunset on Ibiza in silence, just sitting there, staring at the red light, it´s overwhelming- a good way to suddenly feel very small and forget about all the usual problems for a moment. 

Can you remember any particular moment or track that solidified that this is where you want to be, meaning in the world of music and clubs? If not one moment, a certain aspect that drew you in…

Moodymann – “America”, after hearing it, I immediately fell in love with electronic music. 

Did you always know that music is what you want to dedicate your life to or was there something else you ever had in mind? When and what was the turning point for you that helped you realize that you could DJ for a living?

I always loved music but when Dice asked me to join the Artist Alife & Desolat family I realized I could make it as a professional DJ. I had to quit my daytime job and started working all day and night on my DJ & producing skills. I travelled a lot, toured with Loco Dice for his first album tour.  I met important people, played the right music at the right time, made some wrong… but definitely more right decisions.  I never planned to become a professional DJ, I just did and do everything for the love and passion, I think this is the reason why I am where I am now. Of course sometimes you have doubts or low energy, but I couldn’t be happier with my job, that´s all what I want to do now. 

Who has been a big influence in your life and why, whether it be someone you know or look up to or have never met?

Loco Dice was a great inspiration for me when I started DJing.  Screen shot 2013-09-03 at 4.13.41 PM

Also my friend, Tessa, who always pushed me when I was scared and always trusted in my ability- that´s why I named my first album after her.  She’s really believed in me.

What’s been the latest track that you’ve heard which has been a recent staple in your sets?

I love the productions of ItaloJohnson, I play them almost in every set.

And Black Choke – “White T” – which was my summer track- great producer and friend of mine from Berlin. 

Do you think it’s necessary for a DJ to produce or for a producer to DJ?

Of course after releasing an album you can reach more people. I slowly felt the need to produce, it was a growing feeling. It comes very naturally, when you love music and get more and more knowledge about how things should sound, you want to produce your own sound.  For me it´s important to be creative in this way and let out some ideas. But basically, these things have nothing to do with each other.  DJing is a very special thing, you can be a great producer but not a great DJ. And the other way round. 

When you completed producing your first track, was there an element of fear or doubt that you ever experienced and how did you deal with that?   What was it like to finally play your first track for someone and receive positive attention for your efforts?

I was full of doubts. When it comes down to my music I am super skeptical and my hardest critic. I worked so hard on my first album till I was ready to release it. I constantly talked to Dice and some of my friends to improve the songs more and more. When I first played “Fail Better” in a club – just to see how the people react – I got so much good feedback. People screamed and danced like crazy. I couldn’t stop smiling. 

How do you think it’s different for women who are in the world of DJing versus being a man?

It´s a tough business. You need a thick skin and the right people by your side. I don´t like to think that being a woman changes the way you are treated. I think it´s hard work to be a good DJ, whether man or woman. 

I read that you started playing drums at age 7 eventually evolving into machine drums… can you still play live drums these days and can you tell us more about some of your early musical influence that has lead you to where you are today?

I still can play a little bit, but since I don’t practice it anymore, it´s limited to some basic rhythms. 

I listened to grunge and bought some hip-hop vinyl that I mixed for myself or some friends at home in my room in munich. Since I was a teenager I’ve been searching for good music, no matter which genre, without music my life would be very sad. 

imageHow did the Desolat family discover you and how did you feel when you began to have recognition for the music you were playing?

I discovered Dice in early 2000 on my first trip to Ibiza. I loved his sexy sound. Later I had the chance to play some gigs with him at Clubs in Munich. I was always very nervous but he obviously liked my style and asked me to join the Desolat family some years later. 

What does Locodice represent for you?

Discipline- he is a working machine who never loses contact with the people. To me he is a friend and a mentor and I’m very grateful for the things he did and does for me. 

This is the second year for you in Ibiza with the party tINI & The Gang, can you tell us a little about how this event came to be and what kind of results you’re receiving from this party? What does it require to be apart of this group of DJs?

Its actually the 3rd season! I started in 2010 at the old Ushuaia (now La Plaga)!  The party went exactly in the direction I wanted it to go- free beach party with a great energy and very nice people and very good music.  I put so much love into every detail and I knew that it would come back. This year it just exploded. I wanted to create a brand that shows who I am. People are happy to be part of the gang and me too. 

All the DJs playing there are my friends, most of them I’ve known for a very long time and they followed me for a few years. I want to give something back to the people that influence me and I love to have a party where only friends play. You can hear it in the sets that they all feel comfortable and we have a great time every week. 

Ibiza is always changing, can you tell us what direction you see music evolving in these parts of the world? Do you think money is taking over the importance of music or will good sounds prevail?

I don’t think about the monetary part of it too much- if I were to focus on this as just career, it would be much harder. I still believe that there is enough people who love the music and don´t care about the money. So long as someone like me has the chance to offer a free beach party every week to the people, the music will not be dead on the island.


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