OCTOBER 19 2013_Amsterdam (NL) Tour D’amsterdam Invites Half Baked w Cassy / Praslea / Vera @ Odeon


Date / Saturday, 19 October 2013– ADE
Time / 22:00 – 10:00
Venue / Odeon/ Singel 460; 1017 Binnenstad; Amsterdam; Netherlands
Cost / presale 15,- / 17,50 / 20,
Line-up /

Cassy (Perlon, Cocoon, DE) Exclusive ADE show
Praslea (Understand, A:rpia:r, RO)
Vera (Perlon, Club der Visionaere, DE)
Greg Brockmann (Half Baked Records, Synopsis, UK)
Robin Ordell (Half Baked Records, Eklo, UK)
Daan Donk (Woodstock 69, Amsterdam)
Levi Verspeek (Cartel, Amsterdam)
Avos (Abstrakt, Amsterdam)
Elias Mazian (Barre Tijden, Amsterdam)
Kerk! (Barre Tijden, Amsterdam)
Continuous Space Time (Barre Tijden, Amsterdam)

Promoter / PLAK, Woodstock69, Woodstock’69, HalfBaked
Promotional links / FB EVENT/  TICKETS/  VENUE
Once again, Woodstock69 and PLAK join forces to bring you a massive ADE banger on Saturday October 19th. This year we invite our friends from Half Baked presented by Tour D’Amsterdam.

A night filled with some of the best artists around that house & techno music has to offer. Whether this night will bring long extended dj sets and ecstatic dancefloor moments till 10.00 in the morning, the Odeon is the ultimate playing ground for what promises to be a very special ADE showcase. Featuring no less than Cassy, Praslea, Vera and other great acts.

The party will take place in a historical theatre with massive sound-system (during ADE). This very special venue has a capacity of 850 visitors shared over 1 main room and 1 smaller room each in there own style. And all of this right next to the Amsterdam Canals.
Odeon – Singel 460, (city centre)

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