Mix : ARMA PODCAST 099: Giovanni Verrina @ etc.

Giovanni Verrina @ ARMA17, Moscow / 2013-09-14

“Giovanni Verrina is an Italian dj born in 1980 in Genova. His way across the electronic music begins in 1996 when the young sixteen guy bought his first turntables. Since that moment, he played for almost 12 years among several clubs in his Region, Liguira. The first turning point of his career happened in 2007 when he became resident dj at ZeroDieci Club. A perfect landing and a real opportunity to do a booking and then play together with some of the most important international underground artists. Once the Zerodieci closed down, his passion for music didn’t stop, the contrary. He treasured up his experience and founded, together with his best friend, an event organization group named just “Passion”. From 2008 to nowadays, he played and organized with Passion the most important electronic parties in his Town, Genoa, inviting all the most interesting djs of the underground scene from Cassy to Kanzyani .

He built up his own studios during 2009, equipping it with a fusion of old school instruments like Roland 808, 707 and tb 303 and new computer technologies. In the “loculus”, as his friends playfully like to name it, he’s spending hours every day producing new tracks for his dj sets and looking for the perfect sounds he loves, raw but with a soul, something he remembers and did find in the old Chicago house records.
In 2011 he became co-manager and one of the main producer of All Inn Records on the side of Polarize. Under their management All Inn Records and its sublabels (All Inn Black and Nilla) became one of the most current underground vinyl labels worldwide. His works continously show up on the label as Giovanni Verrina, and also we can find his collabrations with G. Ventura, as Sailor Mood and Howl Ensemble.

Verrina’s DJ style, with his eclectic taste, grows up from techno/experimental music and joins a more-soft-but- still-groovy sounds, from cutting – edge techno to dubby stuff and house Detroit. His performances are all about a permanent research of the world’s most underground sounds, exploring from Detroit to South America to Berlin.
In the last two years he has played in the most important clubs in Italy, actually he’s resident at the weekly event “WAKEUP!”, one of the most remarkable clubbing event in the North Italy. He’s also collected several internatinal experiences, playing in important scenery like Sonar (Barcelona), Cocoon (Frankfurt) , Tresor (Berlin), Kristal (Bucarest), Space (Mykonos) and Arma17 (Moscow).”

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