Mix : Nightclubber Podcast 94 + more – Giovanni Verrina

Giovanni Verrina is an Italian born Dj from Genova, whose passion for electronic music dates back to 1996, when the sixteen year old bought his first set of turntables.  Since then, his growing skills have allowed him to dj at local gigs surrounding the region of Liguria, towards landing bookings in the rest of Europe, eventually playing for Sonar (Barcelona), Cocoon (Frankfurt) , Tresor (Berlin), Kristal (Bucarest), Space (Mykonos) and Arma17 (Moscow).

In 2009, equipped with an old school collection of instruments like the Roland 808, 707 and tb 303, as well as new computer technologies, Verrina also began producing his own music, which he would start to include in his DJ sets.  In 2011, he took the side of producing music up one more notch, by co-managing and producing for All Inn Records, one of the most current underground vinyl labels worldwide.

Verrina’s DJ style evolves alongside his eclectic taste in music, from techno/experimental sounds to the more soft grooves, always cutting edge and deep, allowing the resonance of Detroit, South America and Berlin to cross pollinate producing a bloom of colorful rhythms.



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