Dani Casarano Interview (with mix)

dani casarano_colorDani Casarano’s Dj skills are only paralleled by his wonderful personality and friendship.  His musical journey in the recent years has brought him more and more towards the underground.  His fervor for everything he does is infused into a multi-layered sound universe, never forgetting his roots.  It seems as though destiny as a lot in store for Dani Casarano, with fans such as Ricardo Villalobos and many more… we thank Dani for giving us the opportunity to do this interview.

Questions & Answers with Dani Casarano: 

How did you get started with a career in DJing/Producing?

In Switzerland some years ago, I discovered this music from my older brother who was bringing me mix tapes from parties he was going to.  Eventually I bought a set of turntables and started to play at home and some parties with friends.  When I left for Chile, I began to compose music and bought myself an MPC 2000 along with a Synth Nord Lead, but it was not the right moment for me to produce because I was spending more time playing clubs rather than working in the studio.  In 2004 is when I debuted my production skills and released my first album as a CD called, In Transit, and then my first vinyl releases on labels, Deep Explorer and Minuendo.

You’ve lived in Chile for several years, what led you to move out there?

I moved to Chile simply for the desire to discover new things both musically and personally.

What does Chile mean to you and how has it influenced you on a personal level, as well as creative?

Wow!!!  Chile is really important to me- it represents so much as you can imagine. Without Chile, I wouldn’t have met Felipe Valenzuela, not just someone I call my brother, but also my collaborator in music making and partner in starting Melisma Records.  Chile has brought so much of what I do into existence and continues to do so… Chile is like home to me.

Can you tell us how you got started on Melisma Records?

In 2009, I was already back in Europe since living in South America, one year prior… it all started with a conversation between me and Felipe Valenzuela and the rest is history… It was the best decision ever. 

What characterizes Melisma’s sound?

Melisma is the mirror of Felipe and myself, we can feel when a track has to be on the label- doesn’t matter what style, it can be techno, house, deep, breaks or electronica. If it’s good, we’ll be talking about it ; )

Do you have any releases coming up that you can share with us?

We just launched MLSLTD 02, which is a remix track of mine with TOFU Productions available on vinyl only.  We also have the Compilation Vol. 2 with various artists where we’re presenting some new talents mixed with some of the classic artists on the label.  We’re gonna finish the year with an EP from Felipe Venegas titled, Melisma Tools… more in 2014 ; )

You were on the Cadenza label, can you tell us what prompted your departure?

Cadenza was really helpful for me because when I returned from South America, basically nobody knew me out here in Europe… Cadenza gave me a lot of visibility and an important support… there sometimes comes an end to things and you make choices for your career… in this case the choice was towards pushing for my own brand and sound. 

How has your outlook on music changed in recent years?

I‘ve been listening to electronic music since 1991.  I was so young, but my older brother showed me music that I could feel from the first second I heard it.  It was many years of learning and I continue to learn every day- becoming a Dj is a slow process, like with anything, you have to gain experience and knowledge and these things happen over time.  In recent years, I’ve been focused in developing my own sounds, the results make me happy and I’m really excited because I know there’s more evolution to come.

What direction do you see the underground music scene heading towards?

It’s hard to sum up the underground after 30 years of electronic music. Everything is always in transit, moving… I think music doesn’t have any limits…

Is there any artist in particular for whom you carry the utmost respect, why?

That’s a really hard question… I don’t wanna hurt anyone, I have a big respect for all of them ; )

You’ve put a lot of confidence in young up and coming artists, your radio show is proof of this!  What kind of advice would you give someone who is just starting out on this path?

Take it easy, keep your feet on the ground and just do what you feel with love and respect.

Melisma Crew on Soundcloud

Dani Casarano on Facebook

Connect From (Dani Casarano Radio Show) on Ibiza Global Radio


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