Seb Zito & Rossko Interview (with Mix)


Since the first parties back in 2008 at 93 Feet East where Sunday afternoons were transformed into gatherings that altered and shaped a new underground movement for London. In an atmosphere that’s evolved organically, manifesting itself into an international brand, label and respected party both in London and now, Ibiza.  Check out our interview with Seb Zito and Rossko who have been residents of Fuse for the past 5 years as they break it down for us.

How did you both become involved with Fuse?

SEB: Enzo invited me down to play for Circuit which was a weekly Sat night party which also lead into a weekly Sunday after party… and of course that wasn’t enough partying so they started another weekly Sunday after after party which became Fuse and naturally I played at all 3. When I look back now im surprised that I’m still going today.

ROSSKO: Officially Enzo & Tony invited me to become a resident in 2011 but I had been spinning as a guest for Enzo since his first parties called Circuit & then at Fuse back in 2008.

sebfuselondonCan you describe what people call the “Fusic” sound?

SEB: It started as an after party sound which for me is deeper and slower then your typical Saturday night sound. Of course being from London we all took inspiration from our pasts, whether it being behind the decks or raving. I come from a Garage background, Enzo from Jungle, and Rich from the live scene- I think that transpires in our sound today and is ever evolving through our travels & experiences within our work.

ROSSKO: Fusic was a sound that gave identity to the party during its first years at 93 Feet East. Enzo, Seb and Rich Nxt are the guys that really pushed this sound forward with their early productions & DJ sets. If you had to pigeonhole it: a mixture of deep, dubby house & techno. Every resident has evolved their sound naturally over the years. I love it when I walk into Fuse close my eyes and can instantly tell who is playing. Everyone has their own unique style but still has the foundations of Fusic at their core of their sound.

What does Fuse represent to you?

SEB: As a resident its been my training ground, guide and support through out my career, we’re a strong team and have the most amazing support, similar to a great football team like Liverpool J.

We bring people together from all over the world, it’s a meeting point for old and new friends to have fun and enjoy good music and I’m very proud to be apart of it.

ROSSKO: Fuse connects people all over the world through the understanding of good music. Everyone is there for the party and is really into the music. You really pick up on this open-mindedness and positive vibes on the dance floor and that works in harmony with the fuse residents as we are feeling DJ’s and like to connect with the crowd. Personally it represents what it means to be a real resident DJ and what it stands for – it really does attract a certain type of clubber that we want to play music to.

What keeps your passion for the music alive?

SEB: It’s all about playing music and making that special connection with the crowed, it doesn’t always happen but when it does it’s the best feeling in the world.

ROSSKO: For me spending time digging deep for music and updating people with the new or older sounds I find. It’s a humble feeling to see the extension of your personality connect a room full of strangers. The more I learn about myself in life the more I understand what the track is saying to me, this endless search for knowledge has had me hooked since I can remember.

sankeys ibiza1Last summer you guys were a big part of Fuse in Ibiza with your residency at the much talked about Sankeys nightclub. What did this summer in Ibiza give you? And what were the best moments of the season for you?

SEB:  It allowed me to create more special moments like I said above, connecting with old and new through my music every week. I was able to play a wide range of music through warm up, middle & closing sets and not forgetting some of the amazing b2b & b2b2b2 sets. I was constantly inspired on the island and this influenced not only the way I play but also the music I was making ,which I didn’t expect to do much of in Ibiza. The opening party for the weekly season was definitely my best dj moment as it allowed me to showcase the evolution of what’s known as “Fusic“. After leaving 93 and also playing a lot in Europe, my sound evolved into what I’m playing and making today, don’t get me wrong the rude boy London basslines are still present and always will be. That night I surprised and shocked a few people and this gave me great confidence for the rest if the season. The b2b sets also stand out with Ross & Julian and also one with Enzo where we closed and played some great music.

Playing at Underground was an emotional rollercoaster but I wont go into that because at the end myself & Juanito ended up playing b2b for 5 hours then had a private lock in for close friends which I believe was the only one of the season.

ROSSKO: Ibiza gave me a platform to showcase my music to a wider audience outside of the UK. Playing the warm up, middle set, b2b & closing throughout the summer at Sankeys allowed me to show my range of music. I’ve sourced such a spectrum of music over the years but I never really had the chance to really to dip into all of it on a weekly basis. Fuse & Sankeys provided me a great platform, club and sound system to do it on and grateful for that.

My highlights – there were so many!! My b2b set with Seb at the Fuse closing party was memorable, 7hr B2b with Seb & Julian Perez for Sankeys closing, spinning in the north of the island for the Cave Rave, playing for Tini & The Gang, being invited to play the Carl Cox closing after party, the private afterhours after Fuse Wednesday mornings inside Plan B & not forgetting the marathon DJ sets at secret bunker somewhere in the hills in Ibiza ;)

Last week was the re-opening of Sankeys in Manchester, if I’m right you guys were opening up the club with a 3.5hour b2b set in the famous basement. You kindly submitted your live recording of the night so that our readers have a chance to listen back to your set. What can you tell us about how that night went down and how was the crowds reaction?

SEB: I was like a child in a sweet shop the booth was so nice, we could play vinyl and believe me most gigs I play its bloody impossible what with shit sound & crap Technics. We played a wide range of music, experimented and flowed nicely from start to finish. The crowed was younger then expected but they followed us through our journey. One tequila bottle down and we was rolling at the end, haha good fun.

ROSSKO: To be the first DJ’s to touch the deck and re-open the club was an honor. The crowd was younger than I expected but I soon realized that they were there to party and more importantly listen to us. It’s always a pleasure to play with Seb – we worked with the crowd and flowed through a nice range of music keeping in mind we were warming up.

We know that both of you have a big respect for one another, what’s your relationships inside and out of music?

SEB: We met in Ibiza before Fuse at Amnesia and we both share a love & passion for music which has made our friendship stronger over the years. We also lived together last season so we’d hang out and talk about music pretty much all the time, if not music then about how crap Tottenham & Liverpool are. Ross is a great guy and also very talented, looking forward to spending another season with him this year.

ROSSKO: Me and Seb met many years ago in Ibiza – I went out raving on my own for my birthday as all my friends had partied to hard the day before and all were asleep, I was a little more crazier back then hehe. We were friends before Fuse so I guess that’s why our friendship is organic as we connected through music first before anything else. We lived together in Ibiza this year – we both like our own time and space but we always hung out, partied together, talk music and moaned about how sweaty our apartment was! I have a lot of respect for Seb as a person & as an artist – true professional!

rossfuselondonWhat are your aims for 2014? What are you trying to achieve in music overall?

SEB: Concentrating on my productions, releasing another solo ep hopefully on Fuse this year as well as venturing out to some other labels with remixes and solo releases.

Continuing with the A&R for Infuse and maybe even launching my own label… who knows!!!

Keep working hard & enjoying life.

ROSSKO: I’ve just finished converting a workshop into my own professional set up & studio so I am going to spend most of my free time on production this winter and putting out my first release – its been a long time coming. I’m currently finishing off an EP with Julian Perez, my first solo EP and also working on separate projects with Enzo & Antony Difrancesco.

Can you tell us one record from 2013 that you fell in love with that you will keep in your DJ bag forever?

ROSSKO: That’s a hard one to choose…. But if I really had to for 2013 it would be;

Dubtil – Odihnioara

SEB: haha Yes Ross with the Dubtil.

John Dimas – Self control

Seb Zito on Facebook / Soundcloud

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Photography by Gemma Parker


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  1. Fab

    It’s all about playing music and making that special connection with the crowed, it doesn’t always happen but when it does it’s the best feeling in the world.
    wonderfull quote !

  2. stephanie

    Love this mix. Thanks.

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