Release : Vinyl Speed Adjust – Sequences EP (180 G VINYL)




Release Date : 23.01.2014

It was a very successful year for Gilesku records and therefore it is only fair to top it off with yet another wonderful gem.

“As Romania’s underground scene takes shape under the guise of an increasingly minimal and experimental form, there are some who would seek to break from the path that those before them had previously set. One of these few promising individuals are Vinyl Speed Adjust, a duo comprised of Eddy and Levii, both living at the heart of the Romanian scene, it’s capital Bucharest.”

Gilesku imprint was founded in 2010 as a platform to independently release music from new talented artists on vinyl to conquer hearts of DJs, clubbers, collectors and home listeners around the globe. Our goal is to deliver vinyl releases in limited series until its own and our existence. We simply feel it, love it and admire it … That’s why we’ll keep on believing!!! Our philosophy is to release EP’s consisting of two types of listening – one for easy, home and afterhour listening and the one for clubs and dancefloor. Although we dislike to be integrated in style boundaries we see us as a home for experimental, acid, minimal house & deep techno and even jazz material that will touch hearts and take root in our heads and ears forever.”


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