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62478_602015299845884_1059701753_nWe’re very excited to present this interview with one of Romania’s latest talents, Dj and producer, Barac.  Sharing with us his views on a country that has now become a pioneer in the electronic sound while also giving us a personal outlook on his experience with music.  I think the takeaway from this interview, is that music is about feeling and to each his own. 

Questions & Answers with Barac –

(translated from Romanian to English)              

Born in 1982 in Romania, can you tell us what is was like growing up there?

It was a very beautiful place to be born and it’s still beautiful in the present.  Romania has changed over the years… Some good things and some bad. It depends to each one of us how we understand these changes. For me it was a change towards good things.

When did your interest in music begin and how did it lead to electronic music?

It started when I was 13. What I was originally exposed to in music has radically changed over the years, but since that first moment, I felt that music is the thing to do for me and what was coming from inside me. With the electronic music, things started later. At 14 years old I started to work at a local radio station in my hometown Bacau, where I’ve learned to listen and appreciate almost every musical genre. I did this for about 4 years daily, I was listening to the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beginning of the 90’s music. With electronic music, it was a bit more difficult- there wasn’t much access to it and there were no record shops available, the only source was the internet.  I remember that I was going to the radio station on Friday and leaving Monday morning for school. The entire weekend I was digging for electronic music to play during the radio show :)

How did you get started DJing and can you tell us about the scene over there in Romania?999982_10151612440241848_429596250_n

Right after I started playing electronic music during the radio shows, I had a strong desire to listen to it at the club, not just on the radio. That’s how I started mixing. It just came from itself, flowing. At the present moment, there is a very good scene, the people really love this music, they love the dj’s and everything that is happening here. There are many factors that helped the Romanian scene to be so appreciated at the moment, not only by the Romanian people but also by many foreigners. The biggest influence Romania had was Rhadoo, Pedro and Raresh. They were the pioneers and through them we managed to make this scene well-known around the world.

Besides music, what are some of your other interests that inspire you along the way?

I don’t do anything else besides music. I make, listen and play music :). I don’t have other hobbies. Inspiration comes from everything that happens around me- from nature, to a simple conversation with somebody, a movie that I’ve just seen. From anything.

City or Nature … and why?

I would prefer to say.. just nature. I personally believe that succeeding in anything we do, one needs to maintain an equilibrium. To compensate the volume of time invested in work with the same volume of resting. And to come back to your question, I am living close to the city surrounded by nature :)

Can you tell us how you got into producing?  Did that come before or after Djing?

It came after :) I am very passionate about sound and frequencies- I’ve always wanted to understand and and see beneath what is coming out from the speakers. From there, the desire to make music began. I like making music a lot and am very happy that I can transmit through sounds any emotional state.

What do you have lined up these days with traveling for gigs and releases?

There will be a series of parties here in Romania, like SNRS48 in Bucharest, 1st of May at Sunwaves in Mamaia but Europe also. I will mix in Hungary, Italy, England, Holland, etc.

I would like to mention the upcoming gig in England, at fabric on the 29th of March, where I will play music live only with drum machines. This year I will have few releases, a double 12″, a remix for some close friends, etc.

If I came to Romania and you were my guide for a day, what would that day look like?

Mmmm… hard question. I think you need much more than 1 day to discover Romania.

Most memorable experience so far with playing parties?

Every moment is memorable but I keep only the beautiful moments :)

What is love to you?


Who inspires you these days both in the music world and who inspires you outside that world?

Producers who can transmit emotional states through their music. They are many… and there is nobody specific which I like the most. Besides the music, the time is dedicated to my family, my future wife and walking in the nature, the best inspirational sources.

If you could sum up your sound in three words?

Initiation, journey, healing.

If you had to explain to someone who had no idea bout this kind of music, how would you describe it to them?

There are no terms to describe music. Music has to be listened to and lived by every individual through their own way of feeling…

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  1. Stefano

    what a nice interview! Cool questions. And nice to see the person behind the music. He’s an amazing dj, in fact i’m listening right now to his set at srns48 and i’m stunned. Could have been recorded in studio. So trippy and atmospheric. He couldn’t choose better words to describe his music!

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