Giovanni Verrina Interview

_MG_2351I always enjoy hearing Giovanni Verrina peel back the layers, revealing himself in everything he does, from creating a track to describing a film he’s recently watched.      Don’t mistake his calm demeanor for complacency, the rest of us know he’s someone who brings passion and originality wherever he goes.  Personally I’ve come to really appreciate Verrina, his sensibility towards life and the arts, his easy and friendly disposition, sincerity… and all this comes through him creatively.


Questions & Answers with Giovanni Verrina :

224468_482338605129772_1941450201_nWhat was the first thing you did this morning?

Coffee cigarettes, coffee cigarettes… this is a loop for the first 3 hours in the morning from the time I wake up.

When did you first start getting into music and DJing?

We are all born surrounded by music but I started getting into Ding many years ago, maybe around 1996- I was playing techno in my room all day.  Jeff Mills was my point of reference at the time and once I had bought my 3rd set of turntables, only then did I start proposing myself to paly in clubs around my hometown.

Who were some of the first people in Electronic based music that caught your interest?

The 90’s techno movement in Tuscany called “Sound of Tirreno”, founded by Miki, Farfa and my very close friend Roby j… and surely the masters of techno like Jeff Mills and Drexciya.

You live in Genova at the moment, your birth town… if you moved away, what would be the one thing you miss most and why?

706062_10151284868184427_177045151_oThe very characteristic smell of the “Vicoli” (very small streets in the old town) and for sure the sea.

Can you tell us about the party your throw in Genova and what the scene is like over there?

It’s not so easy now as the people of Italy don’t have much money to spend these days- and money is the motivation for club owners to throw these parties- But with our passion, at the end of the day, we always do our best to create and share a better mood in our lovely, small, dark, smoky clubs

Who would be your dream line up for a party?

If I have to dream, it would be with Charlie “the bird” Parker and Dizzy Gillespie in some smoky, sweaty, old club in NY and at some point Miles Davis would arrive and start an infinite jazz session with them…

About clubbing it’s not so easy to say, I really love and respect many different artists, but it’s not only about their names, it’s about the club, the people, the duration of the party, many different tiny details that with a great DJ can make the party unforgettable.

What does Moscow mean to you and can you tell us about your experience playing at ARMA17?

I’ve been to Russia a total of 3 times, but mostly stayed within the walls of the club. I get a strange feeling from this city, I feel very attracted to something undefined but at the same time I almost feel mostly the sadness and pain that comes from this city, but maybe that’s because I know the city mostly from some Dostoevsky and Bulgakov books that I’ve read before. I’ve played arma17 so far 2 times and both were really unforgettable. In that club everything is exactly in the right place, I mean perfect sound system, perfect smooth red light during the night and day, a crowd that feels the music, all of these elements determine when and how closing time occurs. I mean you can play for days till the last client is left in the club… the music is still going.  Exactly there, when you are exhausted, you can find the truth of the dance floor.

How did you get started with All Inn Records?

One of the first tracks I made was played by someone, and the guy from All Inn heard it and he started to ask people around if they know this track or the producer, someone eventually put us in contact through Skype and Norbert and I started talking and sharing music. Soon after they released two of my EPs under the name, Sailor Mood.  I enjoyed everyday more and more the label and the sound so I started to organize a showcase around Italy only because I care about the project.  By this time Norbert and I had become friends and soon after the partner left All Inn, I came in as co-owner.  Soon after that, a lovely friend of mine, Codfish also came on to join us and has become a very important part of the label. 

971169_10151776957484427_1342809413_nHow would you describe your style of music?

The techno sound is inside me for ever, that can be more deep, more dark, more fast, more slow, more minimal. Every year the music changes, but at heart, remains always techno.  

What is the difference between the music you release under the different aliases you keep?

Different projects with different people and so a different sound- Sailor Mood was more old school stuff with Roland like 303 707 808, than the new one as Howl Ensemble is almost micro house with few sound but still very emotional even if the groove is minimal and almost lyophilized.

1531584_561785110571911_943845258_nHow would you describe the love you have for what you do?

Necessary.  Although it’s draining, it makes me feel Alive.

Besides music, what are some other things that inspire you?

I’m inspired by all forms of art, but  in particular photography is something I appreciate and also like doing myself… Also Cinema- for the last album, Terra Trema, we used scenes from old Italian movies for a promotional material.

Most recent record on heavy rotation?

Vinyl or Digital?

I mostly used vinyl when DJing and sometimes CDs for unreleased tracks. 

Does anyone ever mistake you for a superhero because you’re a Dentist by day and a DJ by night?

Those who know me, know me to be super lazy and sleep super late. 

Describe yourself in five words.

Kind, lazy but also determined and then I am still discovering myself day by day.

What are you going to do after you finish this interview?

Work in my dentist studio.


 Giovanni Verrina on Soundcloud / Facebook

All Inn Records on Soundcloud / Facebook



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