Release : Phiorio – Swimming In The Air (OUT SOON)

Out soon on Metroline Limited

“The year was 1998, when Italian born Gianpiero Fiorin bought his first set of decks and became Phiorio. His diverse musical preferences spanned everything from rock to electronica; this diverse background forming the foundation of his musical knowledge and understanding. Moving to London, he was inspired by the likes of Richie Hawtin and Jeff Mills who displayed the kind of technical prowess behind the decks that he had never witnessed in his home country of Italy and which provided the inspiration to develop his own skills as a disc jockey. The thriving London Free Party provided the perfect playing field to put these newly honed skills into practice. This exciting period brought about collaborations with various UK based sound systems which enabled Phiorio to get his first gigs at raves and clubs around the UK and Europe. 

So much has changed since the time of funky and Detroit influenced techno as Phiorio started exploring more dark and minimal sounds as well as jacking and techy house, all sounds that are currently the core of his dj sets. 

In order to have an output for the music he liked with the help of long time friends Carlo and Andrea, GP started Metroline recordings in 2005. Born as a free net label Metroline soon developed as a proper label releasing both on the digital and the 12 inch format. Metroline Limited nowadays is at the forefront of the electronic market with almost 20 releases under its belt including a bunch of tracks produced by Phiorio itself.”



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