MARCH 1 2014_Liverpool (UK) Modular @ Haus Warehouse


Date / Saturday, 1 March 2014
Time / 22:00 – 04:00
Venue / HAUS Warehouse 35-39 Greenland Street
Cost / TBA
Line-up /
Dan Andrei [a:rpia:r]
Ion Ludwig (live) – UGold / Trelik
Leroy Roberts – Toast Underground / Modu:lar
Scott Grant – Modu:lar / mUmU
Promotional links /facebook event / facebook page / modularliverpool
Introducing MODU:LAR…Here at MODU:LAR we’re lucky enough to be a part of a close circle of friends that have travelled the country and indeed the continent encountering a whole load of unique places, people and music along the way. Journeys aside – we’re also lucky enough to live in a city with a top class electronic music circuit which has shaped our taste over the years and refined our outlook on the scene as a whole. We’re all about the music and the experience.

There’s a wide-ranging and exciting resurgence going on in our beloved city and with that, MODU:LAR will bring together elements of everything we enjoy for the pleasure of the people that know us best.

MODU:LAR looks to assemble a regular line up of quality artists; showcasing a spectrum of styles, sub-genres and environments too. We are committed to bringing a fresh approach and throw something a bit different into the mix. Expect to be presented with up and coming artists, live acts and of course, a few firm favourites along the way.

Electronic music events for friends and like minded people.

Find. Your. Sound.


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