MARCH 8 2014_East London (UK) Keep On Going w Harry McCanna / Samuel Bellis / BirdsMakingMachine


Date / 8 March until 9 March
Time / 24 hours!!!
Venue / Hackney wick/bow – Bethnal Green arch – Hackney wick warehouse
This weekend it will be the 2ed time round for our crazy 24 hour party, the party will be split into 3 venues all close to each other….
Our last 24 hour party was amazing, expect this one to be more ♥

Line up: Part 1 10pm to 6 am (Hackney wick/bow)

Antony Difrancesco (Fuse/Othertones) b2b
Harry McCanna (Fear of Flying/Undersound)
Georgia Girl (Keep on Going/Act Natural)
ROBERTO AMO ( White Jail )
E.M.M.E (Keep on Going)

Line up: Part 2 6 am to 12pm (Bethnal Green arch)

Samuel Bellis (Fuse)
Unai Trotti b2b Jon Sojo (Cartuli’s Day)
Klady (Relief London)
DVRSTY ( Italy )
Dean Marc (Keep on Going/SoftPorn)

Line up: Part 3 12pm to 11pm (Hackney wick warehouse)

BirdsMakingMachine (Spain)
Georgio Oniani (Damaged)
Alex Baciu (Derivat Rec/Playmoon
Steve Kurz (Toast)
Mateo b2b Josef (House of sound)
Tomas KR b2b Rob James

* The management reserves the right to refuse admission

This event is Guest List only, but since we LOVE meeting new people we ask you to invite your friends and for them to invite their friends and so on. – This is called community ”

* Our house does have a limited capacity. Please make sure you get down early to avoid any disappointment.

Once again;
Please remember that being on the guestlist does not mean you will definitely get in to the party. We reserve the right to refuse entry to people.

See you thereeeee !!!

x La Familia Keep on Going x


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