Mix : 48e BMLCAST – 0x7f

liveset recorded as podcast for BonjourMinimal.fr

“Stefan Klaas aka 0x7f was born in 1983. As true kid of the 80s, growing up with the commodore c64, he was always fascinated by the wonderful blips and bleeps coming out of those retro computers and soon moved into production of his own chiptunes at the age of 16. Soon he started to put some more effort behind production and bought a mc-303 in 1999. He began to visit the club scene in Munich and soon started to enjoy the old Ultraschall club. According to him, this was one of his biggest influences. In those years he mostly worked on electro and techno tunes, but the 8bit scene also kept his interest. He started to work more on his own tracks and released them on 8bit netlabels such as Micromusic. ↑
About the same time he started to work with Chloe ‘Ladybug’ Dellea, who is still doing great vocals for his tracks today. His gear kept growing aswell. The electribes from korg were one of his favorite synths. In 2003 he got in contact with Jeremy Collosine who, at that time, started the 8bit-operators. He asked 0x7f to join his project and after a few years of work, they presented the 8bit operators Kraftwerk covers compilation released on New Yorks finest label Astralwerks in 2007!In the beginning of 2007 he founded his own label 31337 Records along with Philip Rauh and Sebastian Koch. Their first release, where 0x7f provided 2 tracks, was a huge success, followed by his first EP on 31337 – ‘Out Of The Blue’ and a whole album in 2008. His current style is a mix between subtle minimal techno and deep melodic tracks. His talent to twist own field recordings into choppy rhythms or spheric crackling textures, will surely be enjoyed by everyone who loves minimal and glitch.” – Kc. 2008



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