Vinyl Speed Adjust Interview (WITH MIX)

543899_467864429943715_1304472291_nWe recently discovered the young duo known as Vinyl Speed Adjust comprised of Eddy and Levii, both living at the nucleus of the Romanian Scene in Bucharest, part of the Gilesku crew. They were kind enough to not only share with us a bit of conversation regarding their process, but also an exclusive mix for you all to enjoy!  We’ve really connected with the sounds that VSA is producing, their mixing styles, and we’re super excited about this beautiful set here. Enjoy!!!

Vinyl Speed Adjust on Soundcloud / Facebook

Questions and Answers with Vinyl Speed Adjust : 

What was your earliest experience that drew you into the music scene?

We started out listening to electronic music with online radio like, Proton Radio… that sort of thing.  We quite enjoyed this type of music which led us to going out to parties at various clubs around Bucharest until it became more of a habit than an occurrence…. As far as which clubs, we’d hang out at Studio Martin most of the time, which was very underground back then.

How did you get started Djing and producing your own music?

We became increasingly passionate about electronic music so we took the next step and bought some players and a mixer and started playing for friends at various parties.  At one point we decided to start producing our own beats and with that, the joy of creating music began and we started practicing pretty much everyday.

What equipment and programs do you use for recording?

We own a few Korg & Roland sets, a live drum kit for percussion, a bass modulation unit and a keyboard.

Are you djing vinyl, digital or cd?

We play both vinyl and CD.

Who are some important influences in your life?

I guess the most important influences would be Hip-Hop, Breakbeat and Dubstep. It’s pretty difficult to pinpoint a certain artist of group of artists, but I could name a  few, such as Afrika Bambaataa, James Brown, Gemini… these are some of the people who had an impact on us early on.

What inspires you besides music? 

We take inspiration from everything with a long standing culture behind it.  We enjoy travelling when the opportunity arises… spending time with friends and just hanging out having a good time.

1555581_650638484999641_1825826743_nCan you tell us about the process of making your latest Sequences EP? 

Well, it’s a three tracker through which we wanted to express through different emotions and points of view about electronic music.  We tried to send out a more calm state of mind, sensible to the surroundings, almost meditative in a way… While “Humans in Danger” is more of a fun, outgoing type of track, very similar to a crazy night out.  “Clean Feelings” is darker and more introspective. 

What kind of projects do you have lined up in the near future?

We don’t want to get into specifics right now but for the future we just hope for more of the same. Same will and creativity, more opportunities to play for people who enjoy music, and with artists that we appreciate.


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