MARCH 15 2014_East London (UK) Undersound #13 – 2nd anniversary – w/ Omar / Francesco del Garda / Harry McCanna / Isherwood


Date / Saturday, 15 March 2014
Time / 22:30 – 06:00
Venue / TBA  / TBA
Cost / £10, £12

Line-up / Omar, Francesco Del GardaHarry McCannaIsherwood

Promotional Links / Facebook Event / Undersound

guest list only event due to limited capacity of the venue (250 people), please send your name(s) to:

price: £10, before 1.30am, £12 after

Martin Audio Sound System

Dear Undersounders,
Let’s celebrate together 2 years of Undersound parties, with truly talented djs playing good records rather than big names, with some of the people who meant a lot for us in these last 2 years, with new friends and with you, our beautiful crowd ♥

We invited back Omar from el El Milagro Records , South American vinyl dj relocated in Berlin, to join the line up for this special occasion. He managed to mesmerize us with his records and technique at the “Undersound invites Next Wave” after party last year and since then we kept in touch with him and waited for the right moment to bring him back as a headliner. Omar performs regularly in Berlin, and you might have as well caught him playing with Laurine, one part of the Slow Life Collective at a past edition of House of Sound, intimate East London underground party. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised hearing Omar’s set, and meanwhile we invite you to listen to our latest Undersound Podcast recorded by him:

Francesco Del Garda is obviously back in town for our second birthday… he is our new resident and will play alongside Harry McCanna at most of our future events. If you came at our last party in January you have seen Francesco in action and heard his special music. In a city like London with many parties and promoters often booking the same or similar artists, the usual suspects, we are choosing to take a slightly different approach, which is focusing on a talent like him and try to regularly bring him back to our parties, even though that requires a special effort from us since he’s not based in London.. and at the same time we can have the chance to introduce you to new talents rather than always have to worry about booking “the name”… of course there are well known artists that we invited in the past and will come back, and others that we are really looking forward to host at Undersound, but for us it’s always been all about the music and not about names, and we hope you appreciate this approach too :)
This is Francesco’s latest mix recorded or the Meoko podcast series:

Our Harry McCanna could never miss the line up for our birthday. His track “Clearer Waters” included in the second release of the undersoundLAB is receiving great feedbacks and we couldn’t be more proud of him. You can check out and download our release at the link below:

He’s forming as an artist together with our project and his skills keep getting better and better. Soon there will be more exciting news on the production side, and a new podcast for the Slovenian based Colours in Music. Harry has developed a well defined personal style both on the production and deejaying sides, and we can’t wait to listen to his next set :)

Harry’s mix for Dani Casarano’s show on Ibiza Global Radio:

Harry will play a b2b set with Isherwood, who is returning to an Undersound party after quite a while. Since he relocated in London and joined the Lize Records collective Eddie has been making waves in London and playing at many of the Capital’s parties, whithout counting regular gigs Abroad. We were among the first noticing his talent and the very first London party that invited him to play back in 2012, and we are very happy to welcome him back for a special occasion like our second birthday :)

Isherwood’s recent mix on his soundcloud page:

We can’t wait to party together again with our tribe, see you soon Undersounders!!! :) xx

P.S. As usual, we want to remember you this is a guest list party, not because we want to be cool, but simply because we are an intimate party that uses limited capacity venues and we want to prioritise those who have been following us and don’t mind the little effort to send us their names via email… details of the venue will be sent via email to those sending their names :)


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