Mix : Kaitaro & Yoske (live set)

You can also catch the latest NR01 EP release from Kaitaro on his label, Note Records.

Japanese artist Kai (aka Kaitaro Nakajima) was born in 1977, Tokyo. He started djing with the age of 17 , taking his first step by spinning Hip Hop records, but later got into the world of minimal techno and house music around 2003.  Since 2004 he is actively producing his own minimal tracks, around 2005~2006 his first release  from sud electronic (portable, label) was release – It made a big opportunity for him. Then released off Alphahouse (Butane’s label) of America, and the german labels level rec and enliven music etc… In 2007, he changed the base of operations to Berlin and has performed live to gain experience there after.  In 2010 and 2011 he released two compilations from Japanese artist shingo suwa,s labels Merkur Schallplatten and from little helpers of butane and some one else label. He continues to play gigs and produce! 


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One comment

  1. stephanie

    Love this mix. The piano chords interspersed reminds me of someone I love.

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