Release : Cristi Cons – Basorelief EP (OUT SOON)




180g vinyl release. Initial copies in hand-crafted screen print sleeves.

“Wonderful energetic dance music with well integrated rhythmic and melodic structures. Cristi Cons is a romanian musician from known [a:rpia:r] who also runs his own Amphia imprint. 
This to the point dance-floor-proven EP now becomes available, pressed into solid wax as Cristis debut on Meander. Lifelong studies in classical music as a cellist have sharpened his sensitivities for unique harmonies and a good ear for sounds. A few years back he got fascinated by the modern spirit of club music surrounding him in Bucharest and beyond. 

Besides working on his solo productions, he recently worked with Pedro Inspirescu for the TT Ensemble project released on Yojik-Concon. Furthermore he created Sideways Invisibility Theory together with Vlad Caia plus a new cooperational jam called Verico with Raresh and Vlad. 

We are certain Cristi Cons will continue to make waves in a muscial field which is fascinated by feelings, rhythm and the observation of nature.”

Release Date: April 2014


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