Release : Crocodile Soup – What’s Gonna Happen EP (OUT SOON)

“Since spring is here, we’ve been looking in our yard for some of those fresh sprouts that we were waiting to bloom, so we were happy to have found Crocodile Soup’s brainchild.

Coming from the heart of Tzinah Family, this particular Crocodile skilfully creates two original tracks filled with immense energy, stretching beyond your every-day minimal tech-house tracks. In a quest for finding out what’s next in terms of his own sounds, we encounter vibes such as the streams of jazz and smooth basslines in “Jazz For Dinner” or even straight-forward heavy beat-down percussions and trippy vocals as the ones in “What is Gonna Happen”.

Embracing all that’s dark and thumping, Julie Marghilano’s remix comes with a more minimalistic approach, and a great feel for our favorite after-hour moments, sensing that we all can just get lost into the electrified atmosphere and roughness of her Berlin touch.

One the other side, brother Guy From Downstairs’s skilfully changes the pace of “What is Gonna Happen… next” getting all romantic and magic with his beats, taking us on a gracious ride through the rotund, plumpish bass and melancholic synth lines.”

( Via Tzinah Family )

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