Release : Vinyl Speed Adjust/Diferit/Lumieux – Reliant EP


When Berlin meets Bucharest, you get the real magic in electronic music.Trin Limited brings in front, with the first release, a harmonious and energetic blend of techno and house with a specific Romanian air, that surrounds this electronic music time scene. Our very first Trin LTD release features two romanian up and coming producers, Vinyl Speed Adjust – having already established themselves with vinyl releases on diferrent labels. With one original track: *Not So Sure* a hypnotic tech-house groove and a moody yet stunning remix done by none other than Vera Heindel (Mara Trax). On the flipside we have two Trin regulars – diferiT, stepping to the plate with *Grey Venues*, a dreamy, breaky affair and Lumieux with his *Luftrack*, a dramatic microhouse piece in which you will have the oportunity to stimulate your senses. Vinyl only!”


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