Release : Kamran Sadeghi – Together We Breathe


All Inn takes it to another level by inviting NY based talent, Kamran Sadeghi into the labels tribe of djs.

Kamran Sadeghi is a New York City based artist, composer, music producer and audio engineer. He has been working extensively over a wide range of sound and music for over 12 years. His solo and collaborative practice as an installation artist, electronic musician and video artist has been shown in galleries and museums including the Centre Pompidou ( Paris ), Singapore National Museum ( Singapore ), Corcoran Gallery of Art ( Washington DC ), Galerie Mario Mazzoli ( Berlin ) New Museum ( New York ) among many others. He has shared the stage with some of the most recognized artists such as Fennesz, Vladislov Delay, Tim Hecker, and many others.

His background is eclectic and obsessive, ranging from jazz drumming, music theory and composition, recording/mixing engineer to his longest and most current work as a sound and video artist. Recently Sadeghi has come full circle in returning to his original inspiration for electronic music through house and techno. Although he is just now revealing his work as a techno/house producer, it has been over a decade of refining his ears to shape sound.

As a experimental electronic musician, he has released 4 solo albums and numerous singles on compilations that have all received critical acclaim in publications such as The Wire Magazine, Signal To Noise, New York Times, e/i and several international online publications. He has created the sound design for French film Time Doesn’t Stand Still that includes the music of Angelo Badalamenti who is the main composer for director David Lynch. He has also worked with contemporary dance as a sound designer and composer. His interactive sound, light and video installations and performances have been recognized as truly unique musical bands of color. ‘Color and sound are used to best effect here, with visual patterns generated by the music.’ “



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