Mix : Sorin Milea – Vibecast Sessions #234

“Sorin has refined his taste for the beats & basslines of the romanian underground movement behind the decks of various cool establishments like Colors or Aloha Lounge. Take this passion, add some excellent production skills (Love You EP was just released on Plastik Town records this week and Quanticman Records is preparing a new vinyl release with Sorin Milea) and you’ll discover a warm tech sound with a strong dancefloor component to match Sorin’s desire to make people loose themselves on a late morning afterparty.”

1. Mind Over Midi – Ancient Machine
2. Sorin Milea, Radu Mirica – Ethanol (Francesco Passantino Remix)
3. Ra.pu, Nekow – Studio 129 (Federico Luciani Dub Remix)
4. Platypus – The Streets Have A Voice (Joachim Spieth Remix)
5. Federico Luciani – Sdeepo (Original Mix)
6. Sorin Milea, Radu Mirica – Love You (Nacho Portigliatti Remix)
7. Jemil Deep – Vicky’s Story (Original Mix)
8. Denizio Valdemar – Souvenir (Original Mix)
9. Demy Ottens – Deadwood (Original Mix)
10. Sorin Milea, Radu Mirica – Love You (Alonso Ibanez Remix)
11. Gua Camole – Bright (Original Mix)
12. Luca Torre – True Life (Francesco Passantino Remix)


Sorin Milea on soundcloud: @sorin-milea
Sorin Milea on facebook

Vibecast Sessions has an interesting mix archive HERE


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