Release : Bruno Pronsato presents Archangel – The Bedroom Slant LP


The Bedroom Slant is the new album from Archangel, also known as Bruno Pronsato.

It will be released on Foom the June 2nd 2014.

“The Bedroom Slant is the new album by one of electronic music’s most vital and innovative producers, Bruno Pronsato, under his new Archangel moniker. The new project (Archangel), is a significant new chapter in the evolution of Pronsato’s signature electronic sound. The human voice acts as one of it’s major elements (with Pronsato himself stepping up to the mic to take on vocal duties) and it incorporates traditional instrumentation to a larger degree than his previous work (bass guitar lines, played by his brother David Ford, act as the rhythmic foundation for many of the new songs). Acknowledging his love of pop, rock and post-punk in his music for the first time, (music he first came into contact with on the airwaves during his youth) Pronsato’s experimentalism is this time filtered through the one time romance he had with the radio. Pronsato is highly notable for being able to draw on influences from his past, subsequently creating something remarkably fresh and strange, unrecognisable from it’s inspiration. The Bedroom Slant was written, produced, recorded and mixed by Pronsato during early morning sessions in the Prenzlauer Berg studio he shares with Benoit & Sergio. It features collaborations with downtown scene multi-instrumentalist Peter Gordon (Peter Gordon & Love Of Life Orchestra), Caro aka Randy Jones – the Orac Records boss, Yonatan Levi (double bassist on the Jimmy Cobb’s Miles Davis Kind Of Blue tour) and Chicago based composer and pianist David A. Powers. The Archangel Live Show (3-piece band) is coming soon…”


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