Darren Flecta – Lost in Clarity EP (INTERVIEW + FREE DOWNLOAD)

artworks-000079619820-d16o2w-t500x500Darren Flecta talks to us about his upcoming release, Lost in Clarity EP which was mixed and mastered with fabric’s ROOM 1 soundsystem. We appreciate him taking the time to share not only his words, but also this exclusive free download of the album’s title track. 

The release will be out May 26th on Hatchwork. 

Questions & Answers with Darren Flecta – 

You live in Germany I believe most of the time, putting together aradio show, throwing the party and Djing for Hatchwork, which is also a label… Can you tell us a little bit of your background in how you gotinto music and where you’re at now?

Sure, well I’m currently based in the UK, so I’m producing my music and running Hatchwork from here at the moment.I originally got into music in 1995 when I started selling tickets to raves. I soon began buying records and was asked to fill in as a DJ one night. From that moment I was hooked and continued Dj’ing and started throwing my own parties across the UK.I opened a record shop in ‘98 and after that shut in 2000 I got more involved in the record label side of things by pressing and distributing some artists I liked at the time, while still Dj’ing and throwing parties.  Around 2007 I started producing my own music more seriously and releasing across a number of labels. I was also lucky enough to work with and remix some fantastic artists.In 2011 I launched Hatchwork as a way to take a more defined sound and creative philosophy forward, while also being able to offer an outlet for music that I love and having the freedom to work on various exciting projects.  Now I’m spreading my time between producing, DJ’ing and running Hatchwork with the help of the label manager Tony.   

What inspired this project to take place?

I have always been in love with the sound system of Fabric’s room1 and it’s been such an inspiring place to hear music. For the past 14 years if I had a Saturday night free, you would most often find me in the center of the dance floor lost in the music. Over the years I have been really inspired hearing music in that space and got to know the sound system very well.So, it seemed like a nice idea to produce something directly from the inspiration. It’s a personal and slightly abstract reflection of my experience while the production of it has been designed to fit that sound system and space.   

Tell us a little about the Fabric’s Room 1 system.

Technically the club has always been on the cutting edge of sound since it opened. It’s been well documented for it’s amazing Martin Audio install and the 400 bass transducers under the dance floor in room one. In my opinion it’s the combination of the technical set up, the space itself and the absolute care, attention and commitment to sound quality that makes this place so outstanding.The club and its Technical Manager Sanjeev Bhardwaj care so much about the details it’s beautiful. So much so, that during the night, Sanjeev is constantly making tweaks to the system and EQ’s as the dynamics of the room change and more people enter the space.    

Can you describe the process of producing this ep?

I wanted the EP to reflect different vibes, from the deeper and spaced out to the more energetic moments so I decided to do this across three tracks. The aim was to keep as much space and dynamic range in the tracks as possible while paying attention to each element within it’s frequency range, from super low bass frequencyies right up to the higher percussive sounds, the intention to carry as much dynamic punch and clarity in the final tracks as possible.It really was essential to develop the very low end bass inside the club, such frequencyies need to be very dynamic to have the subtle but powerful impact, so I was able to keep tweaking things until the floor was well and truly shaking while also having every other element crystal clear.We were able to A/B the system during the process from completely flat, to how the system is set up on a Saturday night. I had to be able to reference the tracks exactly as the sound system is set up on a Saturday night to be able to bring over some of that character to the tracks and make everything authentic.It’s amazing how true the sound is in there, it’s such a joy to work on music this way. When we got the tracks back in the studio no other changes or tweaks were needed and the master files are the same now as what we left the club with.   

Can you talk to us about the importance of sound systems in today’sparty scene?

I think it’s so important to have amazing sound at any party, it’s only in these situations that people can fully experience the music in the way it was intended to be heard, hearing music in such an environment should be an experience within itself, something that cant be replicated at home. I don’t think every party needs to have all the most expensive equipment, but the system and space need to be considered and designed in a way that offers the best possible audio experience.    

What kind of response are you getting from fellow djs about theconcept and sound of the ep?

So far the response from DJ’s has been great and I think many of the DJ’s that have been so supportive have the same kind of passion for sound quality in the scene.   

Can you talk a little about what brought about the idea to also sharea free download with the public?

Yes, we like to share things from time to time at Hatchwork, we often give away exclusive music and things to members. We love what your doing and so wanted to offer one track from the EP exclusively to Once Was Now for a limited time.We would like to give you a free download of “Lost In Clarity” this is the deepest track on the EP.




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  1. Love all of the ONCE WAS NOW interviews and this one is right up there with the best of them.

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