Random : Faces – Arma17 6 years installation

“ARMA17 has cemented its reputation as one of Russia’s finest clubs. Primarily catering to house and techno, the Moscow venue takes its name from the industrial park its founders originally threw parties in (until it was destroyed by fire 2009). Based in the Nizhniy Susalniy district, ARMA17 plays hosts to international guests on a weekly basis, all while regularly throwing after parties that have been known to carry on well into the afternoon. ARMA17 recently had to shut it’s doors once again on April 26th due to property developments, the nightclub will now turn into office spaces. When asked by RA about finding a new venue, a representative from ARMA17 said: ‘We are absolutely sure we will do it, but it’s a bit difficult to find the building which will suit us as perfectly as the current one. As a result, I don’t know if we will open again this year.'”

Multimedia show for closing party of legendary club Arma17.

Date: 26th of April
Location: Arma17 club, Moscow

Concept idea and direction: Alexander Us
Producers: Alex Rozov, Ruslan Nasibullov
Art Director: Ilya Balakin
Technical Director: Dmitriy Napolnov
Supervisors: Alexey Churochkin, Denis Astakhov
Head design: Anna Eiserle
Concept designers: Adeliya Koldarova, Nastya Akulinina

Motion designers:
Arthur Kondrashenkov, Maksim Bitiukov, Alexey Churochkin, Andrey Korovkin, Oleg Barankin, Nastya Chumkina,

Head prodution: Plan A

Moving system production: System Dynamics

Arma17 technical director: Mursal Mamedov

VJ’s: Denis Akopov, Vadim Tumanov, Alexander Us.

Head’s soul: Lola Charizma

Filming crew: Evgeniy Arkhipov, Konstantin Bykovskiy

Music: Drumcell – Disturbance (Tommy Four Seven Remix)


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