Release : Dani Casarano & Jakco Mosqueira – Ritual EP

“We’re restlessly getting closer to the brand new 2014 summer season of trips, beats, feels & vibes with showpiece work from one of the coolest Swiss artists that we’ve come across. Since we share the same boundless love for underground music, we’re oh, so very happy to present to you Dani Casarano’s Ritual EP featuring Jakco Mosqueira. All about rituals and evolving elements, Dani creates a great mixture of minimal grooves, arranged in such way to gradually awaken your after-hour senses through the peculiar pitch-black atmosphere with his “Spoil”. An attractive, very addictive simplicity in its natural rhythm and XXL-sized low frequencies are the materials that make “Exp001” sweep the dance floor like no other, pounding and grooving all the way, reaching to infinity. Talking about a fruitful collaboration!  For one of the remixes we’ve invited yet again Fernando Costantini & Alexandar Kyosev to do a top-notch job by getting with their own signature flow of Spoil. Also for remixing Exp001, we’re getting our fix of the Parisian underground sound, delivered by none other than Psykoloco who makes the EP complete by adding his touch of deep and trippy rhythms. 

From Tzinah, always with Love!”


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