Mix : RA.412 w Dana Ruh

“Dana Ruh is what you might call a quiet achiever. The German DJ and producer has built herself an impressive CV down the years without the attention of a hit record. There has been plenty for DJs to get excited about, though: since 2007, Ruh has released the sort of deep and groovy house music that stays in a record bag for months at a time. The same is true of the label she runs, Brouqade Records, which, in addition to plenty of releases from Ruh herself, has hosted music by Benjamin Fehr, Anthea and Danilo Schneider. Some of Ruh’s best material has come through Brouqade, including “MAWAN,” an exquisite percussion-tool she released late last year that came backed with a Fred P remix. 

Away from the label there’s been music on Barraca, Buzzin’ Fly and Perspectiv Records, while her work with Berlin DJ and producer André Galluzzi has been an important part of her journey. The pair run the Aras label together and, in addition to writing two of its four records, have released an EP on Ostgut Ton. Her style has also caught the attention of respected figures outside of Berlin. Ruh is a busy international DJ who’s played regularly at Cocoon’s parties in Ibiza, and earlier this year it wasannounced that she’d release Naturally, her debut album, through Jus-Ed’s Connecticut-based Underground Quality label. 

Placed next to each other, Ruh’s RA podcast and the album show that she’s currently in a bright, creative place. Both have the depth that’s become Ruh’s trademark, but a shared lightness of touch gives things a fresh feeling of warmth.”

For the rest of the article and interview on resident advisor  CLICK HERE


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